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2019 Top Body Image Coach of the Year Award Winner

2019 Top Body Image Coach of the Year Award Winner

Body Image Specialist, Spiritual Healer, Happiness & Health Coach

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hi beautiful,

I'm Jamie, a happiness coach, body image expert, & spiritual healer. We all have our own journey.  Each of us is unique & we all start at a different place. I meet you where you are to guide you to your Truth.

You might struggle with weight loss resistance, you might feel paralyzed by your fear of food, or you might secretly suffer with frequent, private binge eating episodes. No matter where you are on your journey & what you're struggling with, I can show you the way to true health, happiness, & freedom. I'll help you transcend your pain & turn it into your power. It's time for you to experience all life has to offer you without constantly worrying about what your body looks like.

I'll show you how you can shed unwanted & unnecessary weight, get healthy from the inside out, & reclaim your confidence so you can finally

live the life you truly want.

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Transcendence is my free online community for all women to come together for support & heal their bodies, transcend their pain, & transform their lives.  By becoming a member of Transcendence, you become one of a select few to get access to masterclasses & mini courses that I host right inside the community, for free!  We can't do this healing on our own.  Stop trying to figure it out!  We're all in this together.

The true way to health, happiness, & freedom is NOT through meticulous calorie counting, macro tracking, food rules or fad diets. It's also not found spending endless hours exercising yourself into the ground. If you TRULY want to experience all life has to offer without being consumed by your body insecurities, this report was written JUST for you!

I help my clients by...

using my revolutionary, patent-pending fREedom formula, a Six Phase System that guides you to REnew your mind, body, & spirit and empowers you to REcreate the life you truly want to live. The fREedom formula was founded on these three core principles that I live by:




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You're fed up with hating your body and constantly wrestling with yourself day in and day out.  You're over the struggle.  You don't wanna live this way anymore.  You're done with the yo-yo dieting.  You're over gaining and losing the same 20 pounds over and over again.  You know another diet and more food rules are NOT the answer to end this battle, but you don't know where to start.

I got you, boo!  Everything that you're thinking; everything that you're feeling; everything that you're doing... I'VE BEEN THERE!  It's time to get you out of this dark hole & bring you back into the light so you can LIVE!  In your private 1-hour coaching call, we will identify what's been keeping you stuck, & open the doors to your true healing and transformation.  Don't go another day feeling like it's an uphill battle.  Choose differently.   Choose you.

What Clients Are Saying


Jamie’s coaching guided me to be able to gain confidence again by shifting my beliefs. The chain reaction was that the more I believed I was already worthy, the more I enjoyed making the healthy changes that made me feel attractive. The information about food and nutrition she provided was also extremely valuable, but guiding me to change my psychology was priceless. I highly recommend Jamie as the coach who will not only assist you in changing the way you appear externally, she will help you change how you appear internally. That’s where the real work gets done.

Valerry M

Thank you so much for the group coaching calls!! I woke up on Friday last week feeling refreshed and with so much new power.  I can feel some big shifts happening in my mind and I am so excited to keep working on this. You are such a gift to this world! Thank you again ♥️

Ashlyn B

Working with Jamie has been a game changer for me. Going through the program and doing the work took my awareness to another level. Body stuff is truly so much deeper than I ever realized, and I have completely changed the way I think about food and dieting. Letting go of food rules is not easy, but how Jamie explains everything about diet culture woke me up. I really love what you’re doing, Jamie. Keep it up! The world needs you. You're a light, and we need more of that. Thank you. Thank you so much!

Kacie B

Thank you Jamie! I continue to be blow away by the dedication you show to your audience. Finally, a person who can relate to similar struggles and offer more than just a corny pep talk...very refreshing! I appreciate you taking the time to explain some of the concepts more thoroughly with me.

Amy B

Jamie is having a huge impact on women’s lives, by allowing them to truly open up to someone so they can understand themselves better.  She is so effective with her clients because she knows how to get to the real issues at play, and helps you see yourself and your body in a new light.

Brandi C

Jamie is always looking to provide new ways to look at things like diet culture, and a new way to be able to process, approach, and understand our bodies & our emotions.  She is very helpful.

Megan W

The Body Confidence Code is THE BEST online course I have EVER taken!  Jamie is SO REAL and I love that!  She really knows how to say the right thing to get the point across and she doesn’t just sugar coat it!  That’s new for a change!  Thank you SO much for offering this.  I am a listener for life!

Amy L