About Jamie Michelle

Body Image Expert & Health Guru

About Jamie Michelle

Jamie Michelle (Jamie Shelly) is a respected & renowned body image expert and mindset coach.  She is a master of the non-diet approach to health coaching and has been a fitness professional for over 8 years. She holds two Masters' degrees Fitness & Wellness and in Wellness Coaching, is an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach. She is a truth teller, a podcaster, and a motivational speaker, and it is her mission to guide you to Own Your Journey.

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Before she became a Master Mindset Coach, Jamie went through a very tumultuous and traumatic journey on finding her way to true confidence. Every insecurity that you have, Jamie has felt it, and she is the coach that will give you the tools you need to bring you through your pain and into your best life (and your best body).

Jamie is best known for her revolutionary body image and health coaching programs, but she is also passionate about teaching you how to understand your past so that you can build your best future. She coaches thousands of people to reclaim their power and become the highest, best, most authentic version of themselves. Whatever goal you want to achieve, and whatever life you dream of creating for yourself, Jamie will give you actionable tools and methods for you to become the person you've always known you could be.

Life is not supposed to be a struggle. You don't have to fight your way to health, success, or love. We all have the power within us to create the life we dream of. Jamie shows you how to discover that power using her proven coaching methods that teach you actionable steps that will transform your mind, your body, and your life.

Whether you want to make peace with your body and have total food freedom, or you want to completely change everything about your life, Jamie is the coach that you need. Choose from her private 1:1 coaching programs, her in depth online academies like The Body Confidence Code or The Body Image Academy, or subscribe to her free podcast, Own Your Journey.

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