about jamie

about jamie

Jamie is your go-to body image, confidence, & worthiness coach.  She was recently selected as Top Body Image Coach of the Year for 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to her work.  Jamie works with women from all over the world & guides them to find their true inner power & unleash the confidence within so they can transform their bodies & their lives for good.  Having gone through her own battle with body dysmorphia, several eating disorders, & feelings of shame & self-hate, Jamie's passion for helping women discover & know their true worth is incomparable to anything else. You CAN have a body that you feel confident in, & you don't have to kill yourself to get there. She uses her Law of Transcendent Truth, to guide you through a total transformation of your body, your mind, & your beliefs. If you're someone who struggles with feeling confident in her own skin, or you feel like you just can't break free from self-sabotage, Jamie's is the only coach for you. Subscribe to her email list to stay updated about new program launches & live coaching opportunities!

Here's a quick video of Jamie's personal journey through healing her body & recovering from several eating disorders.

Over the last decade, Jamie's mission has evolved from helping women through your basic fitness & health coaching into showing women how to completely transform their health, their bodies, their minds, & their lives by allowing them to rediscover their true worth & unleash their confidence & light from within. Her revolutionary confidence coaching has proven successful for all of her clients, even those who felt they had no hope for living a confident & fulfilling life. The true way to feeling confident in your body is not through diets or extreme exercise programs.  It has nothing to do with food or even what your body looks like. It's much deeper than that. Jamie's methods are guaranteed to help you uproot your body insecurities & food struggles because her method, the Law of Transcendent Truth, addresses the real issue. Diets don't work. But this work does.

Women come see Jamie when they're at a very low place in their lives.  Most of her clients come to her hating their bodies,  & wanting nothing to do with themselves. They criticize themselves & overanalyze things so much that they don't trust even themselves to make good decisions.  At first, her clients have very low confidence & no sense of self-worth.  They place all of their value into the way they appear externally, & might even base their value on how they eat each day. Her clients start out being obsessed with control.  They want to know they're in control, especially when it comes to their food & bodies. Despite their best efforts to control their weight, they still don't feel confident, they don't like the way they look, they feel crazy around food, & they're constantly judging themselves based on these factors. Jamie guides them to freedom by showing them how to reconnect to their bodies & discover their true inner power.  Her clients are able to finally see massive shifts in their external realities by implementing their coaching into their daily lives. If you feel like you don't have a shot at living a happy, healthy, confident life, you need to give Jamie a call. She'll change your mind.

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Life isn't supposed to be so hard!  We make everything so much more complicated than it actually is.  We weren't put on this earth to suffer.  God didn't create us to be spiritual beings walking around in bodies that we despise!  That would be insane, and God is not insane.  Being healthy is actually so easy, but we think it has to be hard because that's what our world has conditioned us to believe.  Whatever we believe is what we perceive in our reality.  If you think you can't lose weight & truly believe that this is always just so hard for you, then that will always be your reality.  But here's where things get really crazy...

We CHOOSE what we believe!  When you decide to let go of the struggle & reconnect with your body, it starts to trust you again and is able to release excess weight naturally because it's not in survival mode anymore.  The problem is, so often we get so identified by our struggle & our pain that it becomes who we are, and we're addicted to it.  We don't know who we are without having this thing that makes our lives miserable!  To really create lasting change & sustainable transformation, we've got to choose it.  Happiness is a choice, and it's the easiest choice a person can ever make.

-Jamie Michelle, Happiness Coach, Body Image Specialist, Spiritual Healer

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