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Jamie helps professional athletes & sports teams overcome self doubts & limiting beliefs so they can enhance their power, dominate their field, & become unstoppable.  She works with clients privately by request or referral only, & frequently visits teams to help them transform their mindset.  The way she helps her clients transform their reality is almost magical, but she'll tell you it's just energy.  She can take any situation & help you see the gift in it so that you can grow, excel, & truly transform into a version of yourself that you've only known in your dreams.  Jamie is also a motivational speaker & frequently appears on college campuses & at business conferences to share her knowledge & her message.

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Meet Your Coach

Meet Your Coach

Jamie is an award winning transformation mindset coach & has helped thousands of people all over the globe step into their true power to live confident, happy, & free.  She started coaching as a health & fitness coach, moved into body image & worthiness coaching, & is now committed to helping professional athletes unlock their limitless potential with her exceptional & unrivaled approach to mindset transformation.

Jamie lives by every principle that she teaches her clients & exemplifies what it means to overcome & transform.  Coaches can't take their clients somewhere that they haven't been themselves.  If you want the best mindset coach for insurmountable success, you want Jamie Michelle.  Trust.  With her, you really are unstoppable.

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Championship Team Coaching

Championship Team Coaching

Winning championships takes more than just physical talent & power.  If there's an energetic disconnect inside of your team's system, winning won't be something that comes easily.  Jamie works with your entire team to identify,  understand, & release the heavy burdens that are keeping your team from dominating the way you know you should be.  Go from being average to being the world champions with Jamie Michelle.

Championship Team Coaching

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Jamie might be an award-winning coach, but she's also an amazing motivational speaker. She has a way of captivating her audience while being so real, so animated, so funny, & so motivating. She's sure to bring the house down at your next event.


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