About Jamie Michelle

About Jamie Michelle

Jamie Michelle is a Happiness Coach, Body Image Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritional Consultant and Spiritual Healer.  She was recently selected as Top Body Image Coach of the Year for 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the industry.  With having almost a decade of experience in the health & fitness industry, Jamie's powerful coaching has proven to transform even the most self-conscious, overwhelmed, & anxious women into thriving, healthy, & happy individuals.  Using her patent-pending fREdom formula, she guides stressed out, overachieving perfectionists to transform their bodies & the way they feel about them so they can fully experience & enjoy all life has to offer without constantly worrying about what they look like.  Jamie has two Masters' degrees in both Fitness & Wellness and Wellness Coaching, she's an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach, and an MBA. She's passionate about guiding women to reconnect with their True Innate Power, and does so through one-on-one coaching programs, online courses, and on her social media platforms. 

Here's a quick video of Jamie's personal journey through healing her body & recovering from several eating disorders.

Over the years, Jamie's coaching style has evolved from basic health coaching & online personal training into a revolutionary and extremely intimate spiritual healing, with body image and eating disorders being her main focus.  She has always incorporated faith into her coaching methods, but as her own healing continued, Jamie became increasingly aware of just how powerful our spiritual connection is in order to effectively & sustainable heal our bodies.  To be clear, she does not push religion or preach to anyone.  She calls the Creator of the Universe God, but encourages all her clients to use whatever word feels best to them.  Some choose Universe, Spirit, Life Force, Energy Force, Allah, Buddha, Goddess, or simply Higher Power.  Understanding & knowing that this Higher Power is our access point to our own healing is really all it takes to completely heal your body & put an end to chronic self-sabotaging behaviors.

Jamie has coached & continues to coach thousands of women on their journeys of healing their bodies, reconnecting to their inner power & Truth, & achieving their dreams.  The greatest gift she receives is seeing them transform their bodies, their health, & their lives with the coaching methods that she teaches. Women come see Jamie when they're at a very low place in their lives.  They hate their bodies, they overanalyze every single thing, and they don't trust themselves to make any decision for themselves.  They have very little self-esteem, & sometimes they don't have any at all.  They try to control every aspect of their life, especially their weight & their food, but nothing they do ever seems to work, at least not for very long.  Jamie guides them to re-connect to their bodies & teaches them how their inner belief system is where the real work gets done.  With Jamie's gentle, supportive guidance and her clients' willingness to dig into their inner world, her clients see massive shifts in their behaviors, which leads to a massive transformation of their bodies & their lives. 

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Life isn't supposed to be so hard!  We make everything so much more complicated than it actually is.  We weren't put on this earth to suffer.  God didn't create us to be spiritual beings walking around in bodies that we despise!  That would be insane, and God is not insane.  Being healthy is actually so easy, but we think it has to be hard because that's what our world has conditioned us to believe.  Whatever we believe is what we perceive in our reality.  If you think you can't lose weight & truly believe that this is always just so hard for you, then that will always be your reality.  But here's where things get really crazy...

We CHOOSE what we believe!  When you decide to let go of the struggle & reconnect with your body, it starts to trust you again and is able to release excess weight naturally because it's not in survival mode anymore.  The problem is, so often we get so identified by our struggle & our pain that it becomes who we are, and we're addicted to it.  We don't know who we are without having this thing that makes our lives miserable!  To really create lasting change & sustainable transformation, we've got to choose it.  Happiness is a choice, and it's the easiest choice a person can ever make.

-Jamie Michelle, Happiness Coach, Body Image Specialist, Spiritual Healer

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