THRIVE | The Real Way to Transform Your Body


This episode of THRIVE is a recording of the premier episode of Jamie's brand new LIVE radio show on TuneIn Radio, Permission to Thrive.

In this episode, you'll learn the real way to finally get the results that you want when it comes to changing your body & the way you feel about it.  Jamie proves that it's never too late to begin again as she shares her biggest secrets to real, sustainable transformation that will allow you to recreate your entire life on your own terms.

Key Highlights:

* We've all been taught to hate our bodies & it's not your fault that you feel the way you do, but you CAN change it!

* The biggest secret to know about changing your body: DIETS do not work.  Period.

* Your body is smarter than you are and knows when it's being deprived.

* There's an important decision that you need to make, & that's whether or not you're ready & willing to accept your body the way it is RIGHT now. Total acceptance doesn't mean you have to love it.  It just means that you see things the way they really are right now.

* Everything that happens in your life is a result of your own choices.  Your choices determine what you get, experience, feel, & see in life.

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* The way to shift our current reality is by identifying what we must be believing to be true to make that thing happen.  Then, figure out what belief corresponds to what you WANT to have.

* Your brain is not wired for happiness, it's wired for survival.

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