Podcast | 013 - Top 30 Tips to Living Your Best Life (Part 2 of 2)

own your journey podcast Nov 14, 2018

STOP!!!!!  Before you go ANY further, have you listened to Part 1 yet?  If you haven't, go do that RIGHT now!  You can listen by clicking here.  Then, once you've done that, you can come back to this page.  I wouldn't want you to miss out on anything!  I just love you too much for that.
If someone like me, with as many demons as I was dealing with, could come out of my own head, step into my heart, and learn to love and embrace myself and my life, then you can too.  Everyone has their insecurities.  Everyone has their own vice.  No one is perfect.  Perfection is an illusion.
Sometimes we get so in our heads about our feelings and our experiences that we start to feel guilty for having those feelings.  We feel like something must be wrong with us for feeling that way, and that everyone else (society) is right, so we shove our emotions down our throats and just keep on pushing through life.  But the body can only handle so much of that.  Eventually, it will come back to haunt you.
No thought, no emotion, no experience, no trauma...NOTHING is insignificant if it is important to you.  In order to move through your past, you have to allow yourself to feel those emotions.  I know that can be really scary sometimes.  It was for me.  When I was told by my mentor that I needed to "feel in order to heal," I pretty much burst into tears.
I didn't want to feel that pain anymore.  I didn't want to feel that heartbreak anymore.  I didn't want to feel that unworthiness or unacceptance anymore.  But guess what?  I was carrying it around with me EVERY day, and it kept me from living my life.  Once I felt it, and once I actually acknowledged that it was there, it went away.  Simple as that, it was as if nothing had ever happened.
I KNOW that sounds crazy.  I know it sounds absolutely psychotic and you're probably considering closing this window and googling a "real" health coach that will give you a diet plan and a regimented workout routine.  But believe me, I tried that.  It only made matters worse.  Once you accept your past, accept what you feel, and accept what happened, you can move on with your life and actually live in a healthy body, diet plan free.
I don't talk about this concept too much in this episode, but it's there, in between the words that I say, woven through my tone and whispered by my passion.  It's important that I write this here, though, because you need to know.  You need to know that whatever you're feeling is valid.  And if anyone else tells you otherwise, they're the ones who are wrong, NOT you.  
I also need to apologize to you, because I did my VERY best to keep this under 30 minutes, but I just couldn't do it.  It's only a little longer though, so please listen to the very end because there's something really important I need you to do after you've heard all 30 tips!  You'll know what it is when you get there ;-)
So, to quickly summarize these remaining 19 tips for my Top 30 Tips for Living Your Best Life, we have:
12. Take care of yourself
13. Do your best to move every single day (NOT necessarily working out)
14. Compliment someone else - preferably a stranger
15. Talk to a friend or family member - like REALLY talk to them - at least once a day
16. COMMUNICATE - Use your words
17. Set goals and put them down on paper in your own handwriting
18. Make a To-Do List
19. Listen to your body
20. Practice gratitude
21. Stop dieting
22. Go to therapy
23. Give back to others
24. Tell the people you love how much they mean to you - to their face
25. Forgive yourself and your past - let go of the negativity and move on
26. Journal, or find some form of self-reflection to process your thoughts
27. Surround yourself with positive people who support you, yet challenge you
28. Put. Your. Phone. Down.
29. Allow yourself to dream, and believe in yourself enough to go for it
30. LAUGH, and have fun!!!!!!
Since you're here, I just want to say thank you.  Thank you for always believing in me.  If you're here listening right now, it means that you never gave up on me.  I just recently came public about everything that had happened to me, and even though I've been recovered for quite some time now, it took me a bit to find the courage to share what REALLY happened.  But now that it's so clear why I had to go through what I went through, I've never been more sure about my mission in helping you end the battle with food and with your body.  
So if you're ready, let's do this together.  Apply for my one-on-one coaching program so you can uncover your true greatness and wholeness and live your life the way it was meant to be lived: fully, wholeheartedly, and fiercely.  Learn more about my programs here.


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