Podcast - 020 | Overthinking is Holding You Back - Life Update

After two months of being away from Own Your Journey, I finally picked up the mic and pressed record again!

This episode of Own Your Journey is a quick life update that tells you where I've been and what I've been doing for the past two months.  

In episode 020, you'll hear me talk about the Body Confidence Code online mini course that I'm developing, and how I plan to provide you with valuable coaching content that you can start using right now to get the body you want without fighting against yourself.

I also talk about the amazing conferences that I've gone to, and how I've been working on myself so that I can serve you better.

At the beginning of this year, I was ready to hit the ground running, and I had way too many balls up in the air at one time.  Last week (one week ago today as of writing this), I was in a car accident.  Everyone was okay - it wasn't that serious, thank God - but I did take it as a sign from God to slooowwww dddooowwwwnnnn.

After the crash, I did a quick body check and realized that I had gotten away from what I'm meant to do, and that's why I've been feeling so out of whack.  I haven't been serving you in the way that I'm meant to!  I've been way too focused on the small details that I'm not even good at, and my overthinking got in the way of my purpose.  

We all need a reminder sometimes that we already have what we need to get everything we want.  We don't need to learn or do anything else!  We already are everything we want to become.  But when we let our ego (our monkey mind) take over, like I did with the IT stuff in my business, things start to go really wrong.  You'll hear me explain why so many people struggle with their bodies and their weight, and why so many people are actually addicted to their pain.  But we ultimately have the power to heal that and rediscover our truth.  And that's where I come in!

If you're someone who struggles with your body image, weight, health, food, or are just completely down and out, I created a free report for you called Body Trust Basics, that you can find on my website (just click here to get your free copy).  You'll learn simple, but extremely effective strategies and concepts that you can begin using immediately to start seeing changes in your body and in your mindset - no diet required (ever).

So this podcast episode is all about how I'm showing up for you, and how I'm going to continue to show up for you each week on the podcast, through emails, and on Instagram lives.

Like before, podcast episodes will be released on Tuesdays.  Now, each FRIDAY, I'll be going Live on Instagram to talk with you around 2:00 pm EST.  On the Instagram Lives, you'll have the opportunity to ask me any questions and share your biggest pain points so I can create even BETTER content each week.   

Make sure you're following me over on Instagram (go here) so you can be a part of the conversation!  Much more to come soon!  

Thanks for being so patient as I came back to my true passion, which is serving and coaching you.

I love you always!



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