Podcast | 023 - Forgive Yourself. You Deserve It.

This week's episode is all about forgiveness!  I talk a lot about total acceptance, and when I say that, I mean you need to accept ALL of you - including your past, AND yourself.  This is sometimes not as easy as it sounds.  (Okay, it's never as easy as it sounds).

If you truly want to transform your body, health, mind, and life, then you absolutely MUST learn how to forgive yourself, forgive your past, and forgive the people who hurt you (yes, even THAT guy who broke you into a million pieces).  There is so much healing that takes place when you forgive, and it is transformational.

When you don't forgive, and you hold grudges against yourself and your past, all you're doing is prolonging your suffering.  You will never fully be able to heal until you release those negative feelings and emotions, because right now they're trapped in your body.  When those low-vibrational energies are inside of your body, the only continue to get stronger, and eventually they manifest themselves onto your physical body.

You'll get sick.  You'll start to get injuries, pains, and ailments that you didn't have before.  You'll gain weight.  You won't ever be able to trust yourself until you forgive yourself.

In this episode, you'll learn why forgiveness is so important (read above for the highlight real), and HOW to do it properly so that you can fully transform the way you want to transform.

It's important that you know that when you forgive other people, it doesn't make what they did to you right.  It doesn't make it okay.  They probably DON'T deserve your forgiveness, but YOU do.  You deserve to be free from that relationship - and until you fully forgive them, you'll be in a toxic relationship with that person (even if you don't think you are).

Listen in and see how you can begin using forgiveness to take your transformation to the next level on your journey to total health, happiness, and confidence.

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Book: The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle

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