Podcast | 025 - How I Help You Change Your Body Without Dieiting

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Curious about how I coach my clients to change their bodies without dieting? How is it possible to be able to lose weight without manipulating your food intake, or "eating clean," or carb counting, or portion containers....? (Allow me to just eye roll here for a moment 🙄. Thanks.) If you HAVE been wondering exactly how my approach works, you're in luck!

On Wednesday, May 8th, 2019, I had the amazing honor of being interviewed by Doug Llewellyn for an Empowered Women Series on BlogTalkRadio, and it was amazing! On the show, we talked about how I got into body image coaching, and I explained some of the concepts that I use to successfully coach clients in improving their body image and their relationship to food. If you're a part of my Transcendence group, you'll get ALL this information AND more, and I hope you'll join me there and be a founding member! The first 25 members will get a treat from me

Episode 025 is an audio recording from that interview.  You will learn exactly how I coach my clients to change their bodies without dieting. The concepts that you hear discussed in this episode are typically the main focus when I work with new clients. After listening, you will have perspective on what body image coaching with me might be like for you.

I did get cut off in the middle of a thought because we ran out of time, but don't worry! I'll be on BlogTalkRadio again next Wednesday, May 15th, at 12 pm EST with Jim Masters.  That audio download will be the Part 2 to this one, so stay tuned!

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