THRIVE | Raw & Unfiltered with Brielle Brasil

This episode is a live recording of Jamie's radio show, Permission to Thrive, & in this episode she goes into detail about how to overcome your fears & dispel the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck to truly step into your power & speak your Truth with Brielle Brasil. Learn how using your voice to overcome your doubts & fears will help you live the life you really want without fighting your way there.

Key Highlights:

*If you’re feeling like your life is a hot mess right now, you are NOT alone!  We’re all being challenged to grow & transform, this is a huge period of transformation for all of humanity, so we’re all feeling the pressure & it’s bringing up a lot of old pain & self-deprecating thoughts.  

*When we're going to the next level, we’ll always be presented with old familiar feelings of unworthiness & doubts & fears that we won’t be able to do it or we won’t be good enough, etc.

*Brielle Brasil is an independent, free spirit woman that is passionate about sharing breathwork with the world to guide others into living peaceful & stress-free lives.  She is a cat lover, a self-proclaimed yogamaniac, world traveler, & dancing queen.  Brielle’s passion for helping others is palpable, & anyone who meets her knows that she is just an embodiment of this work.  

*If we want to truly have the body and life that we want, then we need to be brave enough to not only step into our Truth, but speak it aloud.  This can be really scary at first.

*When we first start to speak our Truth, it allows us to get a glimpse of our true power – we are SO powerful!

*There are both benefits & costs to speaking your Truth.  Some of the costs includelosing friends, taking risks, feeling more fear, fear that we’ll lose love form the people we love, fear that people will think we’re crazy, etc.  Losing our reputation, changing, moving across the country – BIG changes can happen!  It's mostly just FEAR of the unknown.

*The benefits FAR outweigh the costs because costs aren't really real - we don't lose anything!  Instead, we gain so much. We’re more aligned with who we really are – our highest, best, most authentic self.  The true path to happiness, health, & freedom.  Getting the confidence to go after our dream, attracting the right people & opportunities into our life.

*One of the hardest things when we first start doing this is having those difficult conversations with the people in our lives to set boundaries that we didn’t have in place before.  Boundaries are created from a place of love & understanding.

*Brielle shares her personal experience of how keeping her sexual trauma a secret led to her binge eating disorder & made her feel so insignificant & really held her back.

*We give ourselves permission to thrive by giving ourselves permission to set ourselves free & to know that our past does not define us.

*When we allow those fears & self doubts to run the show & hijack our experience, it’s impossible for us to feel like we’re good enough or worthy enough to be loved & have the things that we want. When we’re finally able to start speaking our Truth, we get a glimpse at how good life actually CAN be – and we begin to build trust within ourselves again.

*You’ll be able to notice those thoughts coming in by how you feel.  When you feel anxiety, stress, pressure, overwhelm, depression, panic, or you're easily agitated or frustrated, or even if you feel like you're taking on too much & you’re gonna break down - these are all signs that you're not living in alignment with your Truth.

*The minute you start feeling these things, stop and slow down & ask yourself what’s really going on here. Is it possible that I’m feeling insecure or unworthy?  Is it possible that I’m doing something that’s no longer serving me or in alignment with my highest good?  Identify what it is and give it a voice. SPEAK IT ALOUD.  How does it feel?  Is it true?  Is this true for everyone in the entire world?  

*Knowing how to overcome these thoughts before they’re extremely loud and in your face is going to be your secret weapon, but know that sometimes they will get really loud – trust that it’s all happening FOR you.

*It’s so important that you know you’re not alone in how you’re feeling.  We all go through these periods of massive self doubt and bouts of anxiety because we don’t know what’s next – but as soon as you trust and let go & surrender to what’s happening, you’ll experience the miracle of being in Your Truth.  

*Now it’s time for you to go out and Speak it!  Speak your Truth, & you’ll be on your way to being truly unstoppable.  

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