THRIVE | You Are Not Alone with Crystal Halverson

This episode is a recording of Permission to Thrive, where Jamie dives deep into how to truly heal your body, & chats with fellow Food & Body Coach, Crystal Halverson, about how they both found out the hard way that dieting is not the answer - it doesn't work.  Listen in as Jamie & Crystal share their own personal experiences and how they finally found freedom by choosing themselves.

Key Highlights:

*Diets are a waste of your time, a waste of your energy, & a waste of your MONEY! They do not work - they are not the answer.

*Jamie & Crystal share their own stories about how they struggled with their bodies & with food.  Their experiences are very different, but the struggle is the same - the pain is the same.

*Crystal helps busy mommas end their fight with food & to stop living their lives on autopilot.  She shares how she struggled with severe health issues & even went through a miscarriage, & says how it all came down to her addiction to sugar.

*A coach cannot take you somewhere that he or she has never been themself.

*So much of the pain & unworthiness that we feel is inherited.  When you transform your body in this way, you transform EVERYTHING, down to your physical appearance in terms of your actual aura & energy.  People see a difference in your skin even.

*Your power lies in your pain.  To heal your body you have to be willing to feel the things that you have been trying to numb out and avoid & pretend aren't there for so long.

*A key component to healing your body & transforming your body is being UNattached to that thing that you want so desperately.  Let go & trust.  Let go of that attachment.

*You receive messages through three main different avenues: the mind, which is the loudest, your physical sensations & emotions, & your intuition / gut instincts. Trust your gut. It's your TRUTH.

*Joy & happiness are your natural state!

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