THRIVE | Change Your Life by Choosing to Change Your Mind

In this episode, Jamie explains how your thoughts are responsible for your current reality, and how you can easily change your life simply by choosing to change your mind.

Key Highlights:

*Our mind is always on - there are always multiple thoughts running through our minds at one time.  Most of those thoughts are unconscious, & those are the ones that are running the show.

*We think that by talking shit on ourselves, it's going to motivate us to make a change.  But all it really does is keep us feeling bad about ourselves & drains us of our energy which ends up keeping us stuck in this cycle.

*When we're changing our thoughts, we have to retrain the subconscious mind that is creating our reality.  It's like learning how to drive a car - when you first learn, you're super aware of everything you have to do, but after driving a few years, you don't even have to think about it. That's how the subconscious works for efficiency.

*When you are living a life that you don't like, identify the life that you really want to live and then define what version of you is required to have that life (or that thing).  Understand how that person talks to him/herself, & how he/she feels on a daily basis.  And then start being that person.

*Everything you need you have it right now in the present moment.  Depression & anxiety are created when you're not living in the present moment.  The moment NOW is perfect.  You are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment.

*Find the humor in everything. It doesn't have to be so serious.  Your natural state - all of our natural states - is joy.

*When you're thinking about the things that you want but don't have, & you obsess about NOT having them, the Universe sees that you DON'T have them & keeps it that way.  Start believing that you already DO have them.  Because in reality, you already do.

*Happiness is a choice.  It's always available to you -  it's actually your natural state & it's what you're made of.  Don't forget what it feels like to be happy.  It's not necessary & it's keeping you stuck.

*It always comes down to worthiness.  If you don't have what you want, it's probably because you don't believe you're worthy.  But you ARE worthy.  Of COURSE you're worthy.  Assume the position of worthiness.

*The Universe is an abundant one.  There are no limits to how much joy, money, freedom, love, laughter, pleasure, etc. that you can have.  Stop putting limits on yourself.

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