THRIVE | Enhance Your Personal Power to Achieve Your Dreams

If you want to be successful, which we all do, you have to have confidence.  We must believe in our abilities, we must have faith in our talents, & sometimes that can be a real challenge. In this episode, you'll learn how to push past your limits to enhance your personal power & achieve your dreams.

Key Highlights:

*There's this belief that we have to force, grind, hustle, & go nonstop to prove yourself, but that's what's actually holding you back from performing at your optimum level.

*If there is a goal that you have, that you want to achieve so badly, that means that it's meant for you, which means that it's so possible for you!!

*To be the person that you want to be, you have to believe that you already are that person.  You don't have to prove yourself. You just have to believe in yourself.

*The best, highest version of you works hard, but not from a place of hustling or proving their worth.  It's from a place of genuine love & excitement because it feels GOOD.

*To start transforming your mind, you have to start feeling. To enhance your power, you need to be willing to go into your pain.  Your power is IN your pain.

*What you focus on expands - what we resist persists.  If you don't let yourself process & release your pain, it will continue to get stronger & will end up controlling you.

*Can you love the part of you that hates your body, or that thinks you suck, or that feels anxious, stressed out, angry, & overwhelmed?  You can feel love and pain at the same time.

*We think that if we let ourselves love ourselves & actually like ourselves, that it will be seen as egotistical or conceited.  It's not selfish to love yourself.  You won't ever be able to perform at the highest level when you're hating yourself.

*Your body communicates with you ALL the time.  You receive messages from your gut instincts (intuition), your emotionality & physical sensations, & from your thoughts.  Your instincts are always truthful.  Your thoughts are typically untruthful & when you act from your thoughts, you're playing small out of fear.

*Ask yourself how the "champion" version of you lives.  They live from a place of confidence, faith, trust, & acceptance.

*Start acting as if you already are the champion.  If you continue to act like the one that's been defeated, you'll constantly feel like you have to prove your worth, & then you'll continue to be the one that gets defeated.  Champions act like champions.  Humble.  Grateful.  Certain.  Confident.

*Take the risks.  What's the worst thing that could happen?  Failure is an illusion.  You can't ever fail.

*You can apply this stuff now, today, to start changing your reality & live like the true champion that you already are.

*You are SO powerful.  To push past your limits, enhance your power, & achieve greatness, you have to stop playing small.

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