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I talk a lot about how we create our reality by being intentional about our thoughts & our beliefs, but that doesn't mean it doesn't talk hard work & commitment.  If you're working hard but not making any progress & feel like you're breaking down, this episode is a MUST-LISTEN-TO.

Key Highlights:

*We create our reality through our thoughts, beliefs, & energy, but that doesn't mean we don't have to put in any work to see results & be successful.  We take what's called aligned action.

*There is a high level of personal responsibility to transform and become the best you can be.  Understanding that this takes hard work & responsibility is so important to be able to move through the shit storm.

*The body will break down when we do not take personal responsibility for our emotionality and our energy.  Energy is what creates energy.  If you feel like you just "can't catch a break," your body will create a breakdown, either through an illness or an injury to give you a break.

*When you're aligned with your Truth & your purpose and your thoughts and beliefs are aligned with that, the hard work won't feel HARD.  The things that feel heavy right now will start to feel fun & effortless now.

*Good leaders - leaders of winning teams - are willing to have the hard conversations.  They set the example.  To change the energy of a team, you have to first be willing to change your own energy.

*The cost of you not changing the energy & healing the past trauma & emotionality is TOO HIGH to ignore it.  If you are not willing to go to the places you need to heal, you are single-handedly ruining your career & your team's legacy.  Not taking personal responsibility is so selfish.  There is so much at stake by not dealing with the hard stuff.

*The past does not define you.  You are not the past or the history of the team, business, organization, or company.  You are not your thoughts or your emotions.  We're all so afraid to feel those emotions that are looming, but by not feeling them we're only prolonging our suffering & putting others at risk.

*Your energy is your biggest asset.  It's your team's biggest asset, your business' biggest asset, your organization's most valuable asset, & your company's biggest asset.  You will NOT perform well if you aren't being so intentional & responsible about taking care of your energy.

*Rules are made out of fear - fear of failure.  What we focus on expands, and if you act from that place you are inviting more failure. Boundaries are created from love to keep you aligned with your Truth & operating at your best. Turn rules into boundaries.

*What you want is meant for you. When you can work on this as a team & do this together, you will be unstoppable.  That's a championship team.

*Give yourself grace. Forgive yourself. Have compassion for yourself & for your teammates.  You're always doing the best you can at any given moment.  Stop harping on what you did wrong last week & start focusing on what you're going to do from this point forward.  Release yourself to step into your power.

*Decide right now that things are going to be different, & your whole life will change.  Deal with the energy & the entire trajectory of your life will transform.

*Please share this episode with a friend or family member who you think might need to hear this message.  Help them heal their pain as you heal yours.  We're all one.

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