THRIVE | You Can't be Everything to Everyone

You can't be everything to everyone, and by trying to do so & overextending yourself making sure everyone's happy & taken care of, you're neglecting yourself & your body is breaking down. Learn how to let go of the need to be a people pleaser to take back your power & become unstoppable.


Key Highlights:

*A common protector that many people have is the tendency to please people.  We think that other people's happiness is our responsibility, & that's wreaking havoc on your health, wellbeing, & life.

*We have a fear that if we don't do something for someone, we will lose them.  We'll lose their love & we'll lose them as a friend, etc.  But that's just not true.

*If you keep giving to everyone else but you're forgetting about yourself, you will start to feel resentment towards it.

*We're always teaching people how to treat us.  It's so important to set those boundaries with people that we love because boundaries allow for deeper connection & deeper intimacy.

*Do things for others because it makes YOU feel good, not out of obligation.  You do not have to DO anything to receive love.  Every single person that's in your life should only be value-ADDING.  When you do things from that place of service instead of from a place of fear, you will set yourself free.

*The six basic human needs that Tony Robbins talks about are essential for us to be able to live a healthy, happy life.  We have to meet these six needs INTERNALLY, not by DOING things or seeking them out in EXTERNAL things.

*The six needs are: love/connection, certainty, significance, growth, variety/uncertainty, & contribution.  Jamie explains what each one of these needs means & how many people meet these in very negative ways, & gives examples of how you can begin to meet these in positive, healthy ways.

*When we're doing all these things for other people & we're trying to meet everyone else's needs, we forget what even makes us happy.  You forget who you are & your life spirals out of control because you aren't living in alignment.

*Jamie explains what it means to live in alignment with your truth.  You can't ever go wrong when you're living in alignment with your truth.

*Your happiness & worth is not found in anything external.

*Everything is a lesson - every day you're growing & become better.  Trust that everything is happening for you & that you're always guided, supported, & loved.  Start living from that place & you will no longer have that paralyzing fear that something terrible is going to happen.

*What you focus on expands!  What you think about is going to come true, always.  Whatever you worry about & obsess about & freak out about, you're calling it to you.  Focus on what you WANT.  What if things got to be so GOOD!  Live your life like that.

*The only time we have is NOW.  The only place you can be physically is HERE, NOW.  Be Here, Now.  Are you making this moment the best one of your life?  Because Now is the only moment that exists - it's the only thing you have.

*If you want to be the best, you HAVE to take care of yourself & your own energy.  Your biggest asset - your most valuable asset - is your ENERGY.  You must protect your energy.  That is your BIGGEST responsibility.

*People love to connect through their pain by complaining about what's wrong & what they don't like.  That only creates more pain!  Connect to each other by uplifting each other & supporting each other.

*People do not care about the things that you DO.  They like you & love you because of WHO YOU ARE.  They love you for your energy.  They love you for your spirit.

*If you're not processing pain & emotional & physical trauma out of your body, it will poison your body & alter the chemistry of your body.  Chronic illness, cancer, & physical injuries are a result of not processing those toxic energies out of your body.

*Nothing in this physical world is real.  The only thing that's real are relationships & energies.  You can't take the $4.5 Billion company with you to the next life.  It stays here.  It's not REAL.   Take care of the things that actually matter.  Your energy is what matters!

*You HAVE to take care of yourself before you can care for anyone else.  It is NOT selfish to take some time for yourself.  It is the best thing you could do for the people in your life.

*TRUST & know that everything is happening in Perfect Divine Timing.  Stop worrying!!!  Let go.  Trust.  Know that everything is unfolding perfectly.  Notice how much pressure that takes off of you instantaneously.

*The part of you that feels like you have to be there for every beck & call & control everyone's emotionality is your EGO.  It's out of fear & it's keeping you small.  Let go of that & trust.  Know the Truth.

*If you want to enhance your power, it starts energetically.  It starts with your energy & your beliefs.  You can change your beliefs, and that's what we're going to do on THRIVE with Jamie Michelle.

*Figure out how you're meeting all six of these human needs, & identify how you can meet them in a more positive, healthy manner.

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