THRIVE | Lost Your Confidence? Here's How to Get it Back

In today's episode, Jamie helps you understand what's actually happening when we feel like we've lost all our confidence, & guides you through her process to get it back so you can dominate your game.

Key Highlights:

*When you allow those "negative" (lower vibrating) energies to come into your experience, they will overtake your body & rob you of your confidence.

*There is no good or bad, unhealthy or healthy, better or worse.  Everything just is.  We use our own discernment to determine what things feel best to US, but that is only our own perception.

*When we allow panic, anxiety, & fear to take over, we are ripped out of our power and immediately taken into a whirlwind of insecurities where we're focused on what the worst case scenario is.  What we focus on expands.

*The most powerful high vibrating emotions that will create your success include love, excitement, enthusiasm, desire, hope, faith, courage, & a general knowing that you're going to experience something good, like anticipation.

*The most powerful low vibrating emotions that will block your success include anger, jealous, hate, resentment, revenge,  shame, blame, greed, and fear.

*The Universe does not understand negative statements.  Instead of saying "I'm not going to do this anymore," you say what you ARE going to do in place of that thing.  The Universe only hears "I'm doing this thing."  It does not understand "NOT."

*You cannot hold the high vibrating energies in your body at the same time you're holding low vibrating energies.  They cannot coexist.  There is only one option, and it's a choice.

*Notice how taking on each of the energies explained in this episode impacts your performance.  Experiment with this for yourself!  The energy that you focus on will be the one that overpowers any other energy.  Whatever we choose to focus on is what will be.

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