THRIVE | Making Good Decisions: 6 Steps to Your Best Decisions

Life is all about the choices that we make, moment by moment.  We're often faced with major decisions, or crossroads, as I like to call them, that we need to make, & we don't know what the right decision is.  Except that we actually do.  In this episode, you'll learn exactly how to know what choice you need to make.

Key Highlights:

*Every moment of every day we're making a choice.  The small choices will help you in making the right choices when it comes to the "bigger" things.

*Your thoughts & the thoughts of society & your family are loud, & if you don't quiet them, you won't be able to know the true answer.

*You actually already know what the best decision is.  Your body communicates it to you through visceral sensations & emotions.

*The minute you start saying "Yes, BUT..." or "I SHOULD do this..." you lose the connection to your inner power.

*To listen to the episode I mention "Your Best Life is Waiting on the Other Side of Fear," click here.

*The only thing that matters is that you honor the decision that is in your best interest.  Whatever choice that is for your higher good, will be for the higher good of everyone involved with the choice, even if those people can't see it yet.

*Trust that whatever your gut instincts tell you is the option that is going to be the best one for everyone involved.  This will always be true, there is no exception.  That doesn't mean it won't feel hard at first, but it will be the best move.

*Every choice we make either brings us closer to or farther away from our highest, best, most powerful version of ourselves.  The highest version of you is the one that is unstoppable.

*Ask your body for the answer.  Ask for help from God & your angels.  Ask for signs from the Universe.  You WILL get an answer, always.

*To access the answer, you need to be still & quiet the noise in your head.  Get centered & clear, and focus on the question that you want an answer to.

*Be willing to let go of the way you THINK things SHOULD be.  Going to the next phase doesn't take the last phase away from you.  It doesn't make you any less you.  If anything, it makes you more you.

*You can determine which choice is for you by asking yourself what excites you.  What lights you up?  What makes you feel so alive and so excited?  That's the thing that's calling you.  It's time for you to follow that calling.

*If you follow the "I should" statements, it's going to be a disservice to you AND all the other people that are being affected by that decision.  Remember,  it's not just about you.

*You're destined to fulfill that dream that you have.  That's why you have it.

*By stepping into that highest version of you that is in alignment with that dream, you are serving the greater good of humanity.

*The five steps to getting the answers you're looking for:

  1. Get still & centered.  Quiet your mind & stop the internal dialogue.
  2. Focus.  Focus on what your body is telling you, focus on the question that you need an answer to.
  3. Stay committed to the process.  It takes time.
  4. Trust the answer that your body gives you.  Trust where you're being led.  Trust that everything is happening for you & is unfolding exactly the way it's supposed to.
  5. Be willing to let go of the "should's." Be willing to move forward and letting go of where you are now.  You are so much more than all of this.
  6. Act on the answer that you're given.  The answer doesn't do any good unless you put it into action.  Do not hesitate!

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