THRIVE | Stop Hustling for Your Worth

 So many of us believe that we have to prove that we're worthy, & we have this belief that we have to be perfect at everything to be accepted. Today's episode of THRIVE is all about perfectionism & how to let it go.

Key Highlights:

*We believe that we have to be in control so that we can "know" that we're enough.  It's that idea of perfectionism.  We have a fear of not being in control.

*We don't think we're good enough if we aren't doing, hustling, grinding, & proving ourselves.  This journey is not about DOING.

*What's meant for you - whatever your destiny is - cannot be stopped.  It will find you no matter what, even if you make mistakes.

*Every single experience that you have is serving you in some way. If something is NOT meant for you, it will never be.  It cannot be forced.

*Focus on what you want & understand who you get to be to have that thing.  It's about BEING.

*We DO things to make us feel a certain way - just CHOOSE the feeling! 

*When we feel like we don't belong or that we're isolated, we engage in behaviors that we THINK will make us feel accepted & loved.

*People love you for WHO you are. Not for WHAT you DO.

*You can't ever lose what's meant for you. It's not possible. We actually don't own anything anyway!

*When you're stuck in perfectionism mentality, you are always raising the bar higher because you have a fear of actually achieving the "end goal" because to your subconscious, that means the end (death).

*Control is an illusion.

*Understand how to discern if what you're doing is meant for you.

*Trust, surrender, have faith, & show gratitude for already having that thing. Trust that it's yours.

*It gets to be easy.

*Our brains are not wired for happiness, they're wired for survival.

*Jamie shares how this still shows up for her in her daily life.

*You feel like if you're not "doing" what everyone else is, you're gonna fall behind.  That's not true.  When you let go and surrender and trust, you get where you wanna go so much faster.

*Where are you forcing and hustling that you feel so suffocated?  How can you let go?

*Stop trying to interfere with your destiny.  You're prolonging the process.  

*Throw away your to-do list.  THROW IT AHHTTT!!!

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