THRIVE | Energy is Everything with Marli Ansel

This episode is a recording of the Jamie's Live radio show, Permission to Thrive, and aired on Monday, November 4, 2019.  In this episode, Jamie finally goes deep in explaining what she means when she says energy is everything. With special guest, Marli Ansel, this episode will help you experience magic in your life every single day.

Key Highlights:

*Everything is made of energy & everything has a vibrational frequency, including your body!  The key is to pay attention to what’s happening in our bodies, to what we’re feeling, to what we’re experiencing, & to what we’re thinking so that we can use that Universal energy to manifest the best life for ourselves.

*Marli Ansel is a Master Mindset Coach who helps hustling entrepreneurs work less & expand their influence, impact, & income.  Marli has spent the last 10 years studying energy, spirituality, personal development, & growth & started her business about a year ago, and has already surpassed her multiple-6 figure income goal.

*Before you have a breakthrough, you're going to have a break DOWN.  This is what Marli refers to as "The Uplevel."

*If we do not pay attention to what we're feeling, thinking, or experiencing, we will unintentionally create "invisible" energetic blocks with our subconscious beliefs that we are not good enough or not worthy to achieve our goals.

*We're taught not to feel, but feeling and allowing the emotions to be there is the true key to freedom.  Practicing nonattachment from what we want is incredibly important in order to manifest our dreams.

*Shift your external world by being aware of your internal world and work WITH those limiting beliefs (invisible blocks) to move them out of the way so you can transform your life and create the reality that you want for yourself.  You are constantly creating your life every moment with your thoughts, words, choices, actions, & beliefs.

*Doing this work and having the life of your dreams isn’t all butterflies and rainbows, this work can feel heavy and hard, and it takes a lot of guts and vulnerability to be able to look at the parts of us that we’ve been hiding from for 20, 30, or even 50+ years.  It requires a high level of patience and commitment to your own growth and development.

*You might be feeling like your world has been turned inside out, or feeling extremely overwhelmed, or even be going through one of the most challenging experiences in your life, and I want to reiterate that this is all happening because we’re in a HUGE transformational shift.

*To be able to UPLEVEL and evolve into the best versions of ourselves, we have to allow the lower vibrational energies come to the surface and process out of our bodies.

*This transformation does get to be easy, but only if we allow it to be easy – meaning we can’t fight the toxic shit that needs to be released. If we fight and resist it, it will feel very painful and very hard, whereas if you allow it to be. there. And just let things process out, it will eventually lift and you’ll be taken to a whole new level in your life, in your business, in your relationships…. Everything.

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