THRIVE | Let's Talk About Sex with Missy Garcia

 This episode of THRIVE is a recording from Monday night's LIVE radio show, Permission to Thrive.  Learn why connecting with your sexuality is one of the most empowering things you can ever do for yourself.  Jamie is with Sexuality & Leadership Expert, Missy Garcia to talk about this controversial topic.
Key Highlights:
*When we’re tapped in and connected to our bodies, every single part of it, the amount of power we have is unfathomable.  But so many of us dim that power & believe that we’re actually power-less because of past sexual trauma, or feeling ashamed because of how you’ve used your sexuality in the past, or whatever it is, so we disconnect from it 100% and we pretend it isn’t there.  This is holding you back in so many ways.
*Missy Garcia is a powerful Sex & Leadership Coach for women who are, as she says, "desperate to escape their dull and disconnected lives.”  Missy is extremely passionate about empowering women to come back into the true beauty of who they are to completely love themselves & embrace their inner badass queens.
*Being connected to our sexuality is what catapults us into having thriving careers, relationships, & lives.  
*It’s so important for us to accept ALL of ourselves, mind, body, & spirit, and sexuality is a part of that.  When we say sexuality, we’re not talking about it the way you might be thinking about it.  Feminine sexuality is divine power.  
*Being radiant means that we embrace our sexuality & it radiates through us.  We're completely fulfilled with ourselves & that shines out to everyone else.
*Our sexuality is extremely connected & intertwined with our creativity.  
*Embracing your sexuality gives you UNSHAKABLE CONFIDENCE because you're secure in ALL of yourself.  Slow down & allow yourself to enjoy pleasure again.  Start small with baby steps.
*To reconnect to this part of you, acknowledge that you need support and reach out to someone who is trauma informed like Missy.   Seeking support is important, especially if you have a significant trauma related to sex.  Have the desire to move towards being radiant, and take baby steps.  Be totally present with yourself & notice the small pleasures.
*To have thriving relationships, consciously choose each other over & over again.  Understand when they're hitting the wound & use your voice to communicate that to your partner.
*Being connected to our sexuality gives us access to SO much more than just creativity. It’s our Divine Essence… it’s where our power comes from, & if we’re disconnected from that, it’s going to be pretty hard to feel confident or live a life where you’re thriving.
*Your voice is intimately tied to your sexuality.  Speak with more power and speak to what you want in all areas of life.
*Being a woman is hard. There is so much stigma around what we should & shouldn’t do with our bodies… there is so much crap around what our bodies should & shouldn’t look like, what we should & shouldn’t wear, how we should & shouldn’t behave in a professional setting, that it can make us feel so fearful and so ashamed that we actually cower away from our own divine power!
*It’s time to stop silencing your inner power by shaming your sexuality. Here’s a massive truth bomb: WHEN YOU SILENCE YOUR SEXUALITY, YOU’RE SILENCING YOUR POWER, & YOU’RE GIVING UP ON YOURSELF. That’s exactly what you’re. doing – you’re giving up on yourself. Embrace that part of you.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s something to be proud of.
*Being powerful means being connected to your inner self - your REAL self - the one who knows who she is.  And that woman basks in the glory of her own sexual essence.  God gave it to us for a reason.  Of course, embracing our sexuality in alignment with OUR TRUTH and using it in accordance with what we truly believe and know is extremely important.

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