THRIVE | How to Have Thriving Relationships

One of the greatest ways to transform, evolve, & grow into the best version of ourselves is by observing what's happening in our relationships.  In this episode, Jamie breaks down why relationships are our biggest teacher & spills all the details of how she went from being a doormat to a woman in her power.

Key Highlights:

*Note that this episode was recorded on Tuesday, October 15th

*This theme of developing strong relationships & understanding the ways to communicate with significant others has been extremely prevalent in Jamie's life recently.

*You will learn how to have thriving relationships with your romantic partner, your friends, your colleagues, and your family.  The relationships that you have with your parents will permeate every single relationship you have if you don't look at them & heal any wounds that haven't been acknowledged.

*We show up in relationships based on what we knew when we were kids.  But this can be changed & transformed.

*As you continue to grow & evolve & raise the frequency of your vibration, you will only attract people and relationships that operate at that elevated vibration.  You will not encounter those relationships that drain your energy or create codependency.

*Identify what your stories are - what are your beliefs around having a good relationship?  One of Jamie's stories used to be "I am always the other woman."  And that played out every single time until she was able to identify it & shift it.

*You don't need to know where the stories were created.  You just need to know that the stories are there.

*Business & romantic relationships are parallel.  The energy that you use to expand & grow in your business or career is the same energy that goes into cultivating healthy romantic relationships. Every time you go to the next level, you will feel challenged or heavy in your relationship.  They're very intertwined.

*To attract relationships that make us feel valued & supported & allow us to grow, we need to be willing to allow those relationships that are not doing that to fall away.  You are going to lose people along the way, & you need to be prepared for that.

*Every single relationship that we have is a direct reflection of something that we need to look at inside of ourselves & heal.  If you're feeling blown off, how are you blowing yourself off?  If you feel like your partner is closed off, how are you closing yourself off to him/her?

*Setting healthy boundaries allow us to cultivate deeper, more intimate relationships that will create a strong bond & connection.  We teach people how to treat us by having those conversations with the people we love.  Boundaries are created from a place of love & understanding.

*Jamie explains how to put boundaries in place in a loving way.

*The relationships that we have in our lives should only be VALUE ADDING.  We give ourselves the love that we crave and therefore, anything extra is just an added bonus.

*Your worth is not in your relationship status (ladies).  Be willing to look at your fears with an open heart without judgment to discover what is actually holding you back from having the relationship that you want to have.

*The way you are perceived by others is not what you think it is.  Zoom out 300 feet & you'll notice that how you're actually behaving is not representative of how you feel.

*If you put a boundary in place with someone & they repeatedly cross it, you need to ask yourself if that person deserves a starring role in your life.  When you establish your boundaries, it gives other people to do the same thing for themselves.

*The more you evolve, you'll experience situations that feel really crappy that are showing you what needs to be healed.  Be okay with what's happening & do your best to keep your heart open.

*Men & women communicate very, very differently!

*Men are very logical and rational and they want to fix things.  They're problem solvers.  They want to help.  They also don't open up about their emotions as easily as women do.  Do not blame yourself, just let things be & let him know that you're there for him.

*We have to understand the differences between the two energies (masculine & feminine).  Be aware of what's going on & have the courage & confidence to have those tough conversations.

*We are ALL deserving of the kind of relationships that we really desire.

*Let things be the way they are will trusting that as you do the work & stay committed to your growth & transformation, the right people will be brought into your life.  Don't try to force it - allow it to unfold FOR you.

*When you're operating from alignment & from love, you can't help but not attract powerful, positive, uplifting, supportive, loving relationships into your life.

*Be the kind of partner that you want to have, be the kind of friend that you want to have, & be the kind of teammate or employee that you want to have.

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