THRIVE | Turn Your Anxiety into Your Super Power with Stevie Wright

This episode of THRIVE is a recording of Jamie's live radio show Permission to Thrive that's broadcast on BBM Global Network & TuneIn Radio.

In this episode, you will learn how to turn your anxiety into your personal power so that you can finally regain control over it instead of being ruled by it. Jamie talks about how your power is found in your pain with Self Love Coach, Stevie Wright, who specializes in helping women transform their anxiety.

Key Highlights:

*Anxiety is something that every single human has experienced at some point or another - you are not alone.

*Jamie shares a very personal experience about her anxiety before she was diagnosed with PTSD

*Stevie Wright is a Self Love Coach & anxiety expert who specializes in helping women transform & heal their anxiety

*To truly be able to gain some control over what we're experiencing, we have to be aware that anxiety is not WHO we are - it's just something that we experience.  It doesn't define you

*Stay in a state of observation to be able to identify what's going on that's making you feel the anxiety

*Anxiety is a primal stress response that happens in the body when there is any kind of perceived threat.  The subconscious brain can't tell the difference between what's real & what's not

*How can you feel & access safety in your body? Identify where you feel safe internally in your body (feel your feet on the ground, feel your breath, etc.) and externally (feel safe with a person or at a specific place or know where the exit signs are, etc.)

*The part of you that feels triggered is not the real you, it's the little girl in you that's not getting what she needs.

*Get curious & ask what the anxiety is there to teach you.  What do I need to know right now?  What is this here to tell me?  Why am I actually feeling this, & what am I thinking & is that thought true?

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