THRIVE | Your Best Life is Waiting Just on the Other Side of Fear

There comes a time in our lives where we experience this place called the void, where we know that where we are is no longer serving us, but we don't yet know what's coming next.  In this episode, Jamie explains how to survive the fear felt in the void to get to the other side & experience your best life.

Key Highlights:

*We all experience the void at different times in our lives during times of transition.

*None of this is about DOING.  It's about being.  We are inspired when we are in a state of being, and we are directed & guided from that place.

*Our soul is constantly coming in & out of our bodies, which is why we sometimes "space out."  Doing is a result of being.

*The cycle of creation goes from Being, to Doing, to Having, and then back up to Being.  But we get stuck in the phase of Doing & Having because it feels safe there & the idea of chilling out in the void, going back up to Being, terrifies us.

*Allow yourself to be guided & see what happens.

*There are no coincidences.

*Trust and surrender to what is!  How much more can you settle in to the discomfort and let it be there?

*As we evolve, our purpose is going to change direction.  Be okay with that.

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