THRIVE | Understanding Time & How it Works in Your Favor

In this episode of THRIVE, Jamie shares a personal experience of releasing trapped pain & emotional trauma in her body so she could get to her next level and explains how time REALLY works so that you can use it to become the successful badass you know you are.

Key Highlights:

*Jamie shares her weekend experience at a VIP Retreat over the weekend & how she was able to identify a belief that was keeping her stuck AND how she was able to fully release it in less than 10 minutes.

*We all struggle with feelings of insecurity & unworthiness.  It's so important to know that.  Jamie often fights that feeling of "not enoughness" - not doing enough, pretty enough, perfect enough, etc.

*We ALL have the ability to do this.  If one person can do it, we all can do it.

*Everything is happening all at once, and this moment is the only thing that exists.  TRIPPY, right?!!?  I know. To clarify, EVERY moment that's ever existed exists now & forever.

*That's why the most authentic, best, highest version of you that feels like a baller and lives the life you want is actually possible for you, because THAT person exists right now, and that person is you... NOW.

*Wealth is not just about money.  It's about happiness, love, connection, relationships, confidence, SELF love, acceptance, fun, & living in your authentic Truth.

*Time is an illusion ;-)

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