THRIVE | Winning Mindset - What it Takes to Succeed at Anything You Do

In this episode, Jamie talks about what it takes to overcome your limiting beliefs to truly achieve even your wildest dreams.  Learn how to change your reality by choosing differently.

Key Highlights:

* Jamie shares her personal experience on how she felt like a failure and a fraud, & how she overcame it by using this secret that she shares

*What are the thoughts that you have when you feel like a failure, or when you lose?  What do you tell yourself when you feel like you've let everyone down & the world is disappointed with you?

*Thoughts are what create your reality.  Notice how those thoughts make you feel, & understand what energy you're creating by thinking those thoughts.

*You believe you're a failure because there's a mountain of evidence telling you & proving that you are a failure.  Start building evidence as to why you're successful.

*Lower your standards for feeling successful & feeling like a winner.  Make it so easy for you to feel successful, & start building that evidence to prove that you're a winner.

*The past is not real.  The only time we have as now.

*The idea of failure is an illusion.  Success is inevitable.

*What is your desired outcome?  How does that feel to know that you already have that outcome?  Start acting from THAT place.  ACT AS IF!!!

*The only time that exists is NOW.  Every possibility that could exist in all of eternity already EXISTS. Everything is happening all at once.  Your success has already happened.  Know that you already have what you want.

*Your biggest responsibility every single day is your energy.  What is your energy like right now?  Make every moment the very best moment of your entire life because it is the only moment that you have. It's all that exists.  The only time we have is NOW.

*GRATITUDE is a key ingredient.  Be thankful for your success now & expect it to happen.

*Stop telling yourself that you suck - that's perpetuating what you don't want.  What you focus on expands!  Change your thoughts - shift your focus.

*What is the ultimate outcome that you want?  Get specific.  What does it look like?  Envision it.  Feel it.  See it happening right now.

*How does it feel to be in your best body?  How does it feel to lose weight eating whatever you want?  What does it feel like to win the Lombardi trophy?

*Your brain is wired to look for evidence to prove your thoughts to be true.

*What is the vision that you have for yourself?  Where do you want to be in 6 months?  Write yourself a letter from that future self - from you in 6 months - to your current self explaining how amazing life is now and how you can't wait to for you to experience it.  THAT is who you truly are. It's meant for you!

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