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Champions Know It's Not All About Talent

Winning Championships is about the ENERGY of the team

You've got the talent.  You've got the skills.  You've got the hard work & determination.  So why aren't you winning?  Or maybe the better question is...why aren't you DOMINATING?

It doesn't matter if you've got the best damn players in the league.  If the energy is off, your game will be off.  Whether you're halfway through your season & you remain winless, or you're barely able to come out on top & when you DO, it always comes down to those last few seconds on the clock, or even if you've got a winning record, but your team is breaking down physically & everyone on the starting line is hurt, there's an energetic issue that needs to be addressed.

It IS possible for your team to dominate & win the coveted championship, whether it's the Super Bowl, the Stanley Cup, the World Series, the NBA Finals, the World Cup, or even the Olympics.  It all comes down to the same thing: ENERGY. Here's the truth: If it FEELS like something is off, then something's off.  If every game feels like a struggle, then something's off.  If your players aren't connecting on the field, ice, or court, something's off.

Even if all the odds are stacked against you, & all the analysts & reporters are saying it's impossible, YOU CAN STILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP.  Every single human has known loss, defeat, pain, & struggle.  Every team knows it, but the teams that win the championships are the ones who understand that failure is an option & it's also a lie.  The only way you fail is if you believe you do.  You're ultimately the one who decides, & so you're the one who creates the outcome, whether you like it or not. 

We are all the creators of our own reality.  If you wanna win the championships, you just need to choose the version of reality where you ARE the champions.  When it comes to teams, everyone has to be in on this decision.  Everyone has to come together & release the toxic energies that are holding your team back so that you can truly thrive & be unstoppable.

You wanna win? Great!  That desire is the first step to success.  Now all you need to do is decide that you're the winners.  Jamie will show you the rest of the way.  So the only question is...

Are you willing to do whatever it takes for your team, even if that means changing the way you think about the game?

If that answer is yes, then Jamie Michelle is the one coach who will take your team from being average to being the world champions. 

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