Demolish Disordered Eating & Heal Your Body for Good

You're stressed out, overwhelmed, & unhappy with your body. It feels like you're stuck in a hamster wheel & can't escape, because no matter how hard you try & no matter what you do, you just can't get your body to do what you want it to do. Sound familiar?

Imagine a Reality Where...

Imagine a Reality Where...

Imagine a Reality Where...
  • Your body effortlessly & quickly finds its natural, healthy, ideal weight WITHOUT the miserable diets that you're used to following
  • You can actually enjoy meals out with your friends & family, WITHOUT worrying about whether or not you'll overeat (or worse, binge)
  • You feel completely safe & at ease in your body because you fully trust it to work FOR you, not against you
  • You're so happy with your body & your health that the concept of following food rules eludes you, & the thought of starting a diet doesn't even enter your mind
  • You wear what you really want to wear and you never second guess whether or not you look okay because confidence just exudes from your every pore, and everyone notices you glowing
  • You say yes to EVERY opportunity & experience that excites you WITHOUT worrying about your body.  You go on vacations NOW, you start dating NOW, you apply for that job NOW, because you know you're worth it
  • Sometimes you forget that you even have a body because you are so immersed in living life to the fullest, & you just want to experience MORE of what it has to offer

Schedule a one-off coaching session with me & get clarity on how you can overcome any perceived limitations to reach your goals.

This might sound too good to be true, but it's the reality that so many women are experiencing for themselves, and you could be one of them!  I'm Jamie Michelle, your body image specialist, happiness coach, & spiritual healer, and I know exactly what you're going through & how you're feeling right now.  You're stressed out, overwhelmed, & just can't seem to get a handle on your relationship with food or your body. Every time you think you've finally got it figured out, something happens and your body goes right back to where it was before.  It's an exhausting battle & you're desperate for help.

You're really starting to believe that there must be something wrong with you because it feels like your body is broken.  You feel like no one else in the world could ever understand what you're going through, so you suffer in silence.  But you're not alone. There are millions of women in the world just like you who struggle with weight loss resistance, feel a very real fear when they're around food, are ruled by the scale, or have frequent & private binge eating episodes.

All of these women have one thing in common: they don't feel safe in their bodies, and they definitely don't trust their bodies.  They've cut themsleves off from their innate power & wisdom that can only be accessed through an intimate connection with the body.  Your body has all the answers you're looking for.  Your happiness isn't hiding in an old pair of jeans hanging in your closet, or in a silly number on your scale... it's already IN you!  All you need to do is reconnect with it, and that's exactly what I show you how to do. 

Don't waste another second feeling guilty, unworthy, or ashamed because of your body or your eating patterns.  Those emotions are only keeping you from healing & experiencing your True Self, which is happy, healthy, confident, & free.  I'll show you how to transcend your pain and turn it into your power so that you can experience ALL life has to offer you without being consumed by your body insecurities.  I'll help you shed unwanted excess weight, get healthy from the inside out, and reclaim your confidence so that you can truly live your best life.

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