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Get Inspired to Thrive

Get Inspired to Thrive

Do you feel trapped in a body that you don't recognize as your own?  Are you desperately trying to lose weight, believing that once you do, you'll finally be happy?  Do you feel like you can't trust yourself around food?  Have you convinced yourself that no one will understand how you're feeling, so you act like everything's cool, but you're really suffering in silence? 

If you're nodding your head (or screaming YES!!) to answer any of these questions, you're in the right place!  You are NOT alone.  Wherever you are right now on your journey, I have been there.  I've felt exactly what you feel right now, and so have millions of other women.  The really good news is that there IS A WAY OUT!  You're not broken, you don't need fixing, and you sure as hell don't need another damn diet. 

You need the Inspired to Thrive Experience!


The Inspired to Thrive Experience Will Help You:

Build awareness and reconnect with your body so you can identify and unravel current stories & limiting beliefs you have to begin shifting your reality,

Remove false identifications and victim mentality and create space between you and your thoughts so you can easily identify your Truth,

Identify your current behavioral patterns & determine what underlying belief is responsible for you engaging in that behavior so that you can create a new one,

Re-learn how to properly feel and process emotions in your body, and changing your relationship to them to allow for healing,

Set new standards for yourself and raise the bar of how you want to experience your life,

Understand that you are the creator of your entire life experience, and to choose to create the best reality for yourself based upon your goals, desires, purpose, and intentions,

Connect back into your body and re-learn to trust your intuition over your conscious thoughts (and knowing the difference between the two),

Make the best decisions for yourself that are more in alignment with who you really are at your core - your highest, best, most authentic version of yourself,

Release emotional and physical weight that is no longer serving you, and how to empower yourself to show up for yourself every moment of every day,

Transform your mind, body, and life to match what you've always dreamed for yourself, and so much more.

Heal Your Body & Your Life

Are you already convinced that the VIP Inspired to Thrive Experience is the answer for you?  Me too!  Let's hop on a call & get the ball rolling!  Schedule a meeting with me by clicking the button below.

What does the Inspired to Thrive Experience Entail?

The VIP Inspired to Thrive Experience is a 7-month long one-on-one body image coaching program that guides you through my patent-pending fREedom formula to heal and transform your body from the inside out so you can finally feel Inspired to Thrive the way you were meant to in your life.

The VIP Inspired to Thrive Experience includes:

  • Weekly, 60-minute face-to-face 1:1 coaching sessions (facilitated through Zoom),
  • Weekly assignments that help you integrate the progress made during your coaching session into your daily life.
  • Recorded guided meditations that guide you to connect into your body and learn how to build self trust and acceptance 
  • Access to the private Inspired to Thrive client community, where you will find unwavering support, guidance, success stories, & accountability to help keep you going
  • Unlimited support from me throughout our entire journey together (through text, email, phone, etc.)

Inspired to Thrive is 100% individualized to meet your specific needs and challenges and is designed to steer you toward your desired goals and outcomes.  The Experience moves at YOUR pace so that you feel fully supported & aligned throughout your personal evolution.  Inspired to Thrive meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go. 

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect to Inspired to Thrive is that the tools and techniques that you develop in the Experience are always available to you as you continue on your journey to becoming your healthiest, happiest, most authentic self.  At the end of the Experience, you will be confident in your ability to rise above any situation and transcend all your fears, doubts, and pain and turn them into your power.

It's time to get inspired.  Client spots are EXTREMELY limited, so APPLY NOW!!!

Still Want to Diet?

Still Want to Diet?

Think again, girlfriend!  Diets are a "bandaid on a bullet wound" approach.  They don't address the ROOT issue that's causing your body to hold on to unwanted, excess weight.  Diets don't tell your body that you trust it - they scream the opposite.  In order to create your healthiest body, you need to trust your body to do what it was designed to do.  

So often, we think a quick behavior change is going to fix everything.  But after a few weeks, we get sick of it and go right back to our old ways.  Why?  Because the new behavior didn't match our underlying belief.  Our behaviors need to be congruent with our beliefs in order to see sustainable and lasting change.  Want to change your behaviors?  Shift the belief FIRST, and watch the behavior automatically shift without you even having to consciously try.

The reason you're here is because you want to have sustainable change.  You're sick of fighting and living life holding your breath.  If you think a diet is going to do that for you, you might want to take a huge inhale right now, because you'll be holding that breath for a long, long time.  The true way to sustainable transformation is through inner work.  While it might not SOUND the sexiest, it always leads to the sexiest result.  It's not a quick fix, and it does take work.  But the rewards are a lifetime of health, happiness, & freedom.  If that's what you're looking for, feel free to exhale.  It's right here.

Still Want to Diet?

VIP Experience Core Values

VIP Experience Core Values
  • Emotional Responsibility: You need to feel in order to heal.  Your actions and outcomes are driven by your emotions, and if you try to avoid them or suppress them, they only continue to grow stronger.  When you allow yourself to feel your true emotions without being attached to them or identified by them, you are then able to heal them and release them forever.  Getting to know all of your protectors, triggers, & behavioral patterns will teach you all the things you need to know, but you must be willing to see them and feel them, which takes a great deal of responsibility.
  • Authenticity: It's time to take off the masks and be true to who you really are at your core.  You're not who you think you are!  It's time to go deep and uncover what's really been holding you back so that you can abolish it and become who you were created to be.  You have a Divine Purpose in this world, and living authentically in alignment with your True Self will set you free.  You are loved and supported for who you REALLY are, not for what you PRETEND to be.  You don't need to DO anything to gain approval and love because you already are!  All you really need is to fully love and accept yourself NOW.
  • Spirituality: Healing from body image issues, food addiction, eating disorders, or low self-esteem is a Spiritual journey - not a physical one.  You cannot successfully shift your limiting beliefs if you aren't willing to surrender them to a Higher Power.  This is not about religion - it's about knowing & acknowledging that there is something bigger at play than what we see.  When you learn and understand that life is happening FOR you (not TO you) in Perfect Divine Timing, and that you're exactly where you're supposed to be in this exact moment, you'll be free.  We were all created from the same Creator, whether you call it God, Source, Life Energy, Spirit, or the Universe, we are all one.  Because you are created from the Creator (whom I call God), you are in effect a creator yourself.  You create your own reality based on your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

What Clients are Saying


This program has been a game changer for me. This process took my awareness to another level. Body stuff is truly so much deeper than I ever realized, and I have completely changed the way I think about food and dieting. Letting go of food rules is not easy, but how you explained everything about diet culture woke me up.

Kacie B

I highly recommend Jamie as the coach who will not only assist you in changing the way you appear externally, she will help you change how you appear internally. That’s where the real work gets done.

Valerry M

So, Are You Gonna Exhale?

Stop wasting so much energy hating your body, shaming yourself, feeling guilty, and believing that you're unworthy. Those are all old stories that we'll demolish together, if you're ready to truly dig in and transform. Don't let another minute go by where you struggle. Apply to work with me, and start healing your body for good.


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