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One-Time Private Coaching Call

$250.00 USD

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Ready to transform your body, gain the confidence you really want, & live a life full of freedom & happiness?

You're sick of hating your body & you're desperate for a change, but you don't know where to start.  In this one-time private coaching call, you'll get

  • Insight into what's been keeping you stuck & how to overcome it
  • A deep understanding of why diets don't work & why you need to trust your body
  • One hour of coaching through my proven, patent-pending fREedom formula, the Six Phase System reserved only for VIP 1:1 Coaching Clients

Please know that a one hour coaching session should never be used in place of medical attention, & does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  This session will open your eyes to what's going on beneath the surface & give you access to begin your own transformation, but one hour is not guaranteed to give you a major transformation like the one that you're seeking.  (Check out the Inspired to Thrive Experience for major transformations.)

What People Are Saying:

“Body stuff is truly so much deeper than I realized, and I have completely changed the way I think about food and dieting. Letting go of food rules is not easy, but how you explained everything about diet culture woke me up. I really love what you're doing, Jamie. Keep it up! The world needs you. You're a light and we need more of that. Thank you. Thank you so much!”

Kacie B

“Thank you so much for the group coaching calls!! I woke up the next day last week feeling refreshed and with so much new power. I can feel some big shifts happening in my mind and I am so excited to keep working on this. You are such a gift to this world! Thank you again <3”

Ashlyn B

“Jamie is always looking to provide new ways to look at things like diet culture, and a new way to be able to process, approach, and understand my emotions. She is very helpful.”

Megan W

“Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve started listening to your podcast and I love that too! I’ve already mentioned you to 2 people that struggle like I have. This new mindset and a new dedication to my meditations practice and self care has enabled me to lose 4 pounds practically effortlessly already! I can’t wait to see where the rest of this journey takes me! Thank you so much, Jamie!”

Amy B.

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One-Time Private Coaching Call $250.00 USD
Sales Tax:
Due Now $250.00 USD